Thursday, July 29, 2010

Penis Advantage Review: 6-8 Weeks to a Permanently Bigger Penis (2+ Inches) with 10 Min. Exercises

10 Minute Penis/Kegel Exercises To Increase Penis Length and Penis Girth, Improve Ejaculation Control, Sexual Stamina and More. For Men of All Ages.

Program Name: Penis Advantage TM(Click to Visit)

Access Type: Instant Electronic Access

Program Type: PAID - Award Winning Copyrighted Content : $79.99 - $49.99 - Current Discount Price

Results Summary

2+ Inches Gain in Penis Length in 6-8 weeks with 10 Min. Daily Exercises(Permanent Gains)
1+ Inch Gain in Girth in 6-8 weeks (Permanent Gains)
Increased Ejaculation Control / Increased Sexual Stamina

Product Content 5/5 Most Penis / Kegel Exercise Videos (30+), Easiest Exercises

Website Interface 4/5 Website Design is very simple although efficient.

Customer Service 5/5 I was replied to within the same business day.

Value for Money 5/5 $79.99 - $49.99 is a good price for a Permanently Enlarged Penis

Ease of Use 4/5 Penis Exercises need some discipline to stick to a schedule.

Total Rank 5/5

July 24, 2010 - Update

They have just added a section called Penis Advantage II with additional videos for targeted exercises. These are advanced exercises for accelerated gains targeted at the following. These brand new exercises were added on to my existing membership for no charge. New users get the bonus sections for the same $49.95 price.

* 11 Exercises to increase length beyond normal levels
* Advanced Girth workout - To enable users to reach the maximum 6 inch girth figure.
* The guaranteed one inch workout (for those looking for a simple schedule)

What Exactly Do You Get when You Place the Order?

A login and password is instantly created for your online access. There is no need to download anything. You are automatically directed to the Member's Lounge where the professional penis exercise program is available.

* Videos and Instructions of 30 Different Penis Exercises that need to be done in various stages (as shown below)
* Bonus - Full free access to (A Site with Everything You Need to Know About Sex)
* You get lifetime access to both Penis Advantage and Orgasmology Websites that are Updated Frequently)

What Information is available on the Penis Advantage Website?

The Member's Lounge has the following information

Enlargement Workout Schedule (6-8 weeks depending on the User)

* Week 1 : Introduction Workout (5 Exercises)
* Week 2 : Beginners Workout (5 Exercises)
* Week 3-6 : Standard Workout (5 Exercises)
* Week 7-8 : Custom / Advanced Workout (6-8 exercises)
* The above program is designed with specific exercises for each stage. The last two stages are the stages of most growth. One should be most sincere during this period, performing the exercises on 5 days of the week.

Targeted Workout Schedule (Bonus- These Exercises are Optional and not necessary for Penis Enlargement)

* Kegel exercises for men
* Erection Strengthening
* Curing Impotence
* Premature Ejaculation Problems

Targeted Exercises (Bonus - These Exercises are for Specialized Gains and not necessary for Penis Enlargement)

* Head Exercises - Exercises to increase penis head size specifically, which maximises female pleasure
* Cure Curvature - Exercises to correct a penis that bends to the left or right or down
* 6 Other Specialized Exercises for specific targeted results as desired by the user

What is the Quality of the Instructions?

The interface of the website is fairly simple although the video and content is very clear. The exercises are quite easy to do after a couple of tries. The exercises are to be done after a brief warm up although a warm shower counts as a warm up.

The program is spread out over 8 weeks, increasing in intensity as the weeks go by. On an average, it would take you about 6-8 minutes to follow the workout schedule every day. There are 30 different exercises although you will be following only 4-6 exercises a week. Once a stage is complete, you change the set of exercises according to the manual. They offer good email support if you have any doubts about your schedule. The replies came back within a business day, which was satisfactory.

What Sort of Results do you Get?

Though the program claims gains of up to 4 inches, it is likely that you will gain only about 2-2.5 inches in the initial 6-8 week period. These gains are however permanent and stay after you stop exercising. You can exercise beyond the 8 week period with some advanced workouts to gain more if you choose to.

Their targeted exercises are in my opinion the best deal you get with the package as they significantly improve your girth and penis head size. These exercises are optional but if you decide to spare a few more minutes on these targeted areas, you will see very good accelerated growth, especially with the thickness of your penis (girth)

Additional Benefits of the Program

The best part about the exercises were that it greatly improved sexual stamina. They teach you simple kegel exercises for men that you could do even while you are sitting around the office. I was pretty skeptical about them but I tried it and it greatly improved the control over ejaculation. You could be typing on your laptop and do this particular exercise. It is that simple and the results are defintely surprising. These simple kegel exercises for men WILL make you go from lasting just a few minutes to 30-40 minutes before climaxing, at your own will. Kegel exercises for men are a great complement to penis enlargement exercises. They offer a seperate schedule for these exercises covering 8 weeks and these also take just a few minutes to do. Kegel exercises are optional and don't have to be done for penis enlargement although they are recommeded.

When you buy Penis Advantage, you also get full access to which gives you a lot of sex tips. You might find this useful depending on how knowledgeable you are about the mechanisms of sex.

In Conclusion, this is what I have to say. Penis exercises through a program like Penis Advantage are the only possible way to permanently increase the size of your penis in a safe and natural way. They are a much better alternative to expensive and ineffective pills and pumps that should be avoided at all costs.

What is Good?
You are guaranteed to gain about 2 inches or more with this program. It is the most trusted program on the Internet that has been around since 2001 and has been visited by more than Five Hundred Thousand people. They are the best source of professional penis exercises that will give you a one stop solution for safe and natural penis enlargement. The one time low fee is a very reasonable sum for this well organized program in our opinion.

What is Bad?

This program does not really have any obvious complaints to it. My only advice would be that people who find it very difficult to stick to a routine of any sorts will probably not benefit as the program required some amount of discipline. Other than that, there is nothing really to lose and everything to gain with this program (pun intended ;-))

Visit The Website of Penis Advantage to see if they are right for you.

P.S. - Their program is currently offered at a discount price of $49.99, after a 40% discount from the regular $79.99


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